Career Highlights - Industry

Dr. Chinchure has played key roles in many large Indian and multinational corporations, leading critical projects related to innovation, intellectual property as well as developing cutting edge technology.

He has worked with:

With Reliance Innovation Leadership Centre (RILC), Pune as Asst. Vice President-Innovations (May ’08 to March ’14)

Reliance Innovation Leadership Centre (RILC), Pune was established to support the Reliance Innovation Council (RIC). The members of the innovation council include Nobel laureates, leading global professors and management gurus. Some of my key contributions at RILC are the following:

  • Developed “best” and “next” transformational innovative practices and programs for the employees
  • Identified and evaluated new business opportunities for Reliance Industries based on emerging and disruptive technologies
  • Identified and assessed small and large companies for potential investment, JV and M&A
  • Established and Led high performing Intellectual Property team to support IP needs of all businesses of Reliance Industries
  • Developed IP strategy, policy, systems and processes for effective diffusion of IP within the organization
  • Provided strategic IP support to various businesses, including, IP due diligence, technology evaluation, risk identification & mitigation, drafting, prosecution, opposition, portfolio management, contracts, agreements, etc.
  • Developed strategic partnership with leading research institutes based in India and abroad

With Honeywell Technology Solutions, Bangalore as Manager-IP for Speciality Materials Business (June ’06 to Apr ’08)

  • Identified potential technology areas, licensing, enforcement and innovation opportunities for Speciality Materials Business
  • Conducted validity/invalidity studies, freedom to practice searches, and technology landscaping to support global businesses
  • Established organizational performance indicators and benchmarking on IP activities with other companies

With Intellevate LLC (Part of CPA Group), Noida as Team Leader – Shared Services Team (Jan ’05 to May ’06)

  • Successfully built and led a team of IP analysts involved in providing IP analytics services to over 20 global Law Firms and 5 fortune 50 companies in the world
  • Executed over 100 IP projects and reviewed over 200 reports for their quality of search, analysis and presentation of results
  • Provided IP search and analysis training to over 25 new recruits
  • Part of the core team responsible for the expansion of the team strength from 5 to 30 within a span of one year

With GE’s John F. Welch Technology Centre, Bangalore as Lead Scientist (Nov ’01 to Dec ’04)

  • Led a team of technologist to develop and evaluate new conductive bond paste for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) stack
  • Developed a low cost and low degradation ferritic stainless steel for interconnects of SOFC
  • Deposited metals and oxides on metallic alloys for improving oxidation resistance and conductivity by using sputtering, screen print, spin and dip coating techniques
  • Established state-of-the-art electrical characterization facility to evaluate metals, semiconductors and oxides from room temperature to 900 deg. C.