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Dr. Chinchure is a renowned academician, administrator and a sought-after resource person for academic and research institutions in India and overseas. He has worked with the finest institutions and played key and varied roles in designing curriculums, leading innovation, patented works, and collaborating on some path-breaking research areas.

Chair Professor at Symbiosis International University (SIU)

Dr. Chinchure is the chair professor at Symbiosis International University, where he plays the roles of an administrator, academician and visionary guide.

The following is the scope of his work with SIU:

Symbiosis Centre for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (SCEI)

Dr. Chinchure created a vision for the SCEI, and led the centre towards its overarching goal of creating innovation-led entrepreneurs and strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem within India.

SCEI is focused on Education, Incubation, Research, and Policy in the areas related to innovation and entrepreneurship.

The main activities of this centre include:

  • Incubating startups at SIU in partnership with other organisations
  • Conducting research in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship from both Indian and global context
  • Providing training and education to the students at SIU and corporate employees in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Providing policy recommendation at the national and state level

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM)

Dr. Chinchure designed and implemented India’s first two-year residential and experiential MBA course on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, at one of the country’s leading business schools - Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Pune.

The program runs under the name MBA IN INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

The course is structured with semester-specific goals in mind and meets the following objectives:

  • Identifying innovation opportunity in the first semester, developing solutions in the second semester, designing & prototyping the solution in the third semester and implementing the solution in a small scale in the last semester.
  • Learning by doing, through inspired experiential learning with the help of a well balanced curriculum to cover all areas of innovation, entrepreneurship and management.


At the Symbiosis International University (SIU), he teaches the following subjects to management and law students:

  • Fundamentals of Innovation
  • Global and Indian Mega Trends
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship in India
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Science, Technology, Innovation and IPR
  • Intellectual Property & Technology Management
  • Sectorial Innovations
  • Venture Investment

Research Areas

Innovating for emerging markets

Global economy is going through a rapid change with the rise of emerging economies. It is estimated that the emerging economies will account for more than half of the world’s GDP by 2025. Asia’s GDP will be larger than that of the US and Europe combined by 2025. These trends are transforming conventional thinking about what it takes for any company to succeed on the global stage. For companies with global aspirations, emerging markets are becoming far more important than developed markets. This research is focused on developing models and frameworks that enable companies to develop innovative products and solutions for the emerging markets.

Indian model of innovation

India is slowly emerging as a global innovation hub with large skills base and human talent. Smart Indian companies today have come up with new technologies and radical business models to penetrate the country’s mass markets. Indian companies have done this by transforming almost every element of the value chain, from products to supply-chain management, and creating novel business models. The research is aimed at identifying how Indian companies have been able to innovate with limited use of resources.

Other Research Areas:

  • Innovations by automotive parts companies in India and Germany
  • Healthcare Innovations in India
  • Emerging Models of Higher Education in India
  • Emergence of India as a Global R&D Hub
  • Innovation in Last Mile Delivery in India
  • Achieving Scale in Social Development
  • Managing Intellectual Assets in Startups and SMEs


Dr. Aravind Chinchure extends his expertise to academic institutions across a wide range of areas. He is a sought after resource person for universities in India and overseas in many roles:

  • Designing curriculums for academic institutions
  • Specialist in drawing customized courses for academic as well as corporate teams.
  • Resource person and visiting faculty for many foreign universities in niche areas such as innovation, intellectual property, as well as entrepreneurship
  • Mentor and consultant to academic institutions to identify and work on future trends and emerging research areas
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