Career Highlights - Academic

Dr. Chinchure has worked with renowned academic institutions as a postdoctoral fellow and a visiting scientist.

With Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai as a Postdoctoral Fellow and PhD Scholar (Jan ’92-Jun ’00)

  • In pursuit of identifying novel materials, discovered superconductivity in a new quaternary borocarbides
  • Synthesized several inter-metallic and oxide compounds by using different techniques to understand their electronic and magnetic properties
  • Developed a computational model and software to determine the effect of crystalline electric fields and magnetic exchange interaction on the physical properties of rare earth containing compounds
  • Supervised part of the work of two PhD students working in the condensed matter physics group at TIFR

With Kammerlingh Onnes Laboratory, University of Leiden, Netherlands as a Visiting Scientist (Jun ’00-Oct ’01)

  • Developed high quality single and polycrystalline materials for Superconducting Reference Device to measure and calibrate temperature of cryostats between 1 Kelvin and 0.001 Kelvin. This device is currently being sold by a company “Hightech Development Leiden,” which was developed as a part of international research program financially supported by the European Commission
  • Initiated and led a new program to investigate novel properties of naturally occurring multi-layered inter-metallic compounds
  • Successfully synthesized novel materials showing giant magneto-resistance (GMR), large switching effects and step like meta-magnetic transitions in naturally occurring multi-layered compounds

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