Dr. Chinchure’s involvement with the corporate world spans over a decade and he has direct and hands-on experience of working with organizations in areas such as research, technology, innovation, intellectual property, business strategy, venture investment and M&A.

He is engaged with Indian and multinational companies as well as small and medium sized companies in areas of innovation and intellectual asset management, to create new growth opportunities by developing strategy, building capabilities, and launching new initiatives.

The following is a summary of his work with corporate organizations.

  • One of the best industrial R&D companies in the world
  • Large multinational and Indian companies, and a startup
  • High-end technology product and services companies
  • Different geographies in Asia, Europe, and North America
  • Policymakers for the national and international population, as a member of the committees constituted by the government, industry bodies, global organizations
  • The Office of Board of Director and Chairman of a Fortune 500 company
  • Global leaders, including Nobel laureates,Thought Leaders, Management Gurus, Founders of successful global companies, and transformational leaders of social development


Multi-National Companies

Progressing in emerging markets is key to the growth of organizations with multi-geographic presence. Innovation is vital to help companies achieve their goals in these markets, and involves a deliberate process that calls for strategizing. Dr. Chinchure works with organizations in multiple areas to help them meet these objectives:

  • Identifying innovation opportunities for emerging markets
  • Business, innovation, technology, & IP strategy for emerging markets
  • Building innovation culture within organization focused on emerging markets
  • Scouting businesses in emerging markets for investment, joint ventures, and M&A
  • Partnership with organization in emerging markets

Large Indian Companies

Dr. Chinchure works with large Indian companies on a set of areas to foster growth, innovation and academic partnerships to propel their future growth. His industry engagements are across multiple spheres such as:

  • Business, innovation, technology, & IP strategy
  • Building bottoms up innovation ecosystem within the organization
  • Identifying innovation opportunities for future growth
  • Creativity, Design Thinking, Innovation, & IP training
  • Scouting companies for investment, joint ventures, and M&A
  • Technology and IP Due Diligence
  • Partnership with academic institutions

Small And Medium Enterprises

Dr. Chinchure helps small and medium enterprises to strategize on areas such as new markets, partnerships, investors, as well as asset management and other growth strategies.

He consults small and medium enterprises in the following areas:

  • Business growth strategy
  • Finding innovation opportunities for existing and new products and services
  • Intellectual Property and Intangible Asset management
  • VC & PE investments
  • Building strategic partnership
  • Identifying new markets and geographies for growth

Engagement Models

Dr. Chinchure engages with organizations through training sessions and workshops for corporate teams, as well as by being a strategic advisor to the management teams.

Strategic Advisory

A prime of Dr. Chinchure’s work is around strategizing, and helping leadership teams to ideate about fostering innovation within companies, and working on areas such as:

  • Developing vision and strategy for innovation-led growth
  • Creating innovation culture and ecosystem within the organization
  • Building innovation leaders and champions for seeding innovation culture
  • Organizing innovation jams and hackathons for creating disruptive ideas
  • Understanding innovation capabilities within the organization through benchmarking exercise
  • Hiring and retaining innovation talent
  • Creating innovation laboratory

Innovation Training and Workshops

Dr. Chinchure also leads workshops for senior leaders and employees around the following topics:

  • Creating Innovation Mindset: Foundation for Innovation Culture
  • Unlocking and Unleashing Innovation for Accelerated Value Creation
  • Innovating in Emerging Markets
  • Institutionalizing Innovation within Companies
  • Creativity and Problem Solving
  • Global and Indian Megatrends: Opportunities for Innovation
  • Managing Intellectual Assets
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